We trust in our logistics partner NAEKO to take care of the storage of our high-end products and prepare your orders. Their warehouse is located in a very short distance from our office, so the proximity allows us to ensure the quality of the service from the first line.

Naeko takes care of our products, keeping them at a suitable temperature and in perfect conditions. They ensure the quality of the preparation of orders and shipments that our customers receive. We invite you to visit their warehouse, to feel as safety as we are feeling with NAEKO. Naeko is our indispensable and decisive partner, who streamlines our daily service of preparation and pick up of the orders of all our clients.

Our Partner NAEKO works with radio-frequency for all storage operations. This is a guarantee of the constant traceability of the merchandise and maximize stock and inventory control, offering an efficient, error-free preparation of your orders and possibility to receive detailed and accurate packing lists.

You can visit NAEKO website to find more information about our logistics partner.

For any questions about the storage and preparation of all your orders, you can contact us below: